Course Syllabus


                                          Español 3 ACP/ Honores ~ Señora O’Neill


                                                                           Aula 242    

A) Objetivo del curso: Students will be able to speak, read, write and listen to Spanish at the 

Intermediate Mid  level. Students will be able to use advanced verb tenses such as the preterite, imperfect and subjunctive tenses and a wide variety of vocabulary covered in the themes that we study this year. 

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B)Para ser exitoso/a en la clase: To be successful in this class you must:

I) Have a good attitude about learning, meaning you want to learn and make an effort to get better!

II) Be organized with your materials (3 ring binder for all handouts)

III) Exercise good study skills – constantly review what we do in class not just for tests/quizzes but daily!

IV) Always speak in Spanish!!! 

V) Tell me when you need help, feel confused, need something repeated, etc… I want to help you understand, improve and reach your full potential!  {You can email me, text me, talk to me after class, or make an appointment with me}


C) Expectativas (Expectations)

I.  Show respect and be kind. And have a positive attitude about learning español!!!!!

II. You need to keep your materials -together and organized!! This will help your learning! Organize with a notebook, or electronically! However you prefer to organize yourself, BE CONSISTENT with it 

IV. There is some kind of homework .(written and/or reviewing/studying)  As a rule, you should spend a minimum of 15-30 minutes per day reviewing what was covered that day in addition to what has previously been presented. 

V. Regular attendance- This involves: being on time, speaking in Spanish, completing all assignments on time, voluntarily answering questions, gesturing, acting out what you want to say, helping others to learn, and contributing new ideas will positively impact your grade in this class!

VI. Absences, tardiness, not speaking in Spanish, incomplete assignments, failure to make up work, not paying attention or not being on task, talking when inappropriate, distracting others, using your phone inappropriately during class, showing disrespect, sleeping, not bringing materials to class, not following directions, being passive and/or showing a lack of effort or interest will negatively impact your grade in this class.


D) Absences

In the event of an absence, it is your responsibility to find out what was covered in class by going to our Canvas page and finding the lesson plan for that day. ANY QUESTIONS ON HW OR CLASS WORK, please email me to 


E) Grading You may view your progress in this class on POWERSCHOOL! 

Participation=classwork, oral participation, homework This grade is based on five rules:

    a. No English may be spoken in this classroom! (Unless preceded by “¿Cómo se dice… en español?)

    b. You must actively participate in every class.

    c. You must bring your materials, ie;  study packets, binder, pen/pencil, paper, etc… to every class.

    d. You must complete all assignments on time.

    e. You must park your cell phone in the cell phone parking during class -

Important Grading Information 

      Classical and Modern Language Grading Policy 





-Vocabulary and grammar evaluations.

-Memorized learned material.(verb forms, vocabulary, grammar)

-Completion of homework.(your preparation will positively impact you learning of Spanish)




-Presentational evaluations: One-way communication using productive skills of speaking or writing. (for example: monologues or presentations, writing evaluations)

-Interpersonal evaluations: Two-way communication between individuals using receptive skills (listening or reading) and productive skills (speaking or writing). Meaning is negotiated between two or more individuals. (conversations or  written exchanges)

-Interpretive evaluations: One way communication using receptive skills (listening to audios or reading stories or articles)

F) Immersion Policy: This is fun with a good attitude and lots of effort!

This class is conducted in Spanish. You are required to use Spanish at all times. In order to help you maintain that expectation I have “scaffolding” in place. 

I)  “Lecciones” – I will have these everyday so you can always follow the lesson – what page we are on, what activity, what the objective is, etc…

II) “Your Personal Vocabulary list”  - When you ask ¿Cómo se dice…en español? You need to write that word or expression down on a running vocabulary list. 



We understand the expectations, absence, and grading policies in this class.

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                             Language Laboratory Rules

  1. You will always follow Señora O’Neill´s instructions in the Laboratory.


  1. When entering the Laboratory, leave the backpacks and cell phones by the door. You are only allowed to keep a PENCIL and an ERASER. Pens are not allowed.


  1. If you need to “ir a los servicios” you must log in your computer first.


  1. Neither food, nor drinks, nor gum is allowed in the Laboratory.


  1. Sit in the seat you are assigned on the first day.


  1. You will treat the equipment with respect that you are using in the Laboratory. Inform Señora O’Neill if there is any writing on your desk IMMEDIATELY!!


  1. Before you leave the Laboratory you will make sure there is no trash around your seat and push your seat under the desk.


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“Second language acquisition is a marathon, not a sprint.”


Be patient with yourself and be a diligent and hardworking student with this beautiful language.

Señora O’Neill

{Below is just a reminder of the differences between Spanish 3ACP and Spanish Honors when you are being evaluated this year}


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