Course Syllabus

Welcome to Honors Biology with Ms. Booker

I hope this year is everything you hope that it is plus more! In this course, we will explore the major concepts in biology, emphasizing problem solving, laboratory explorations and application of biology to everyday life. The keys to success in this course are to be an active listener, a cooperative and collaborative learner, and a diligent note taker. These critical skills must be developed as they will not only help you succeed in understanding challenging concepts presented in Biology, but will serve you well in the long run.  

Students must take responsibility for their own learning and develop a sense of self agency in order to be successful. This includes working hard inside the classroom as well as putting the same effort when they exit the classroom. Students will need to be able to self advocate for themselves which can be accomplished by being self motivated and a great communicator.

Please see more of our course expectations here, as well as the slideshow from Back to school Night here