Course Syllabus

Hi! A few notes on the below video. 

This video was made last year yet the information is basically the same with a few edits. The edits are:

  • This is my 17th year at Wellesley High School
  • The set up of the room is different (no longer rows) & I'm happy I can see people's faces now (if they so choose).
  • The percentages of what the standards weigh has changed slightly:
    • Term 1: Explain 50%, Synthesize 35%, Reflect 15%

    • Terms 2-4: Explain 35%, Synthesize 50%, Reflect 15%

  • Students will be notified if an assignment cannot be redone ahead of time.
  • If an assignment is late, it cannot be redone. 
  • If given feedback prior to an assignment being due, that assignment cannot be redone. 

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U.S History Course Syllabus 2022-2023

Standard Based Grading Broken Down