Course Syllabus


AP Calculus AB 2022-2023

Mrs. Ghelli RM: 432


Welcome to AP Calculus AB.  Calculus is a challenging and intriguing area of mathematics that will allow us to build on our previous knowledge of math while investigating many new concepts.  We will investigate and study such ideas as limits, continuity, derivatives, applications of derivatives, the definite integral, the indefinite integral, differential equations, and applications of integration.  In addition to the course material, we will also spend time discussing various strategies for taking the AP Exam.  Below you will find a list of expectations, rules, and the grading policy for this class.  Please read each item carefully.


  1. Appropriate behavior is expected in class at all times. You are expected to conduct yourself in a respectful and polite manner and to respect the thoughts and ideas of others. All rules and policies outlined in the Student Handbook will be enforced.  In particular, electronic devices such as cell phones, I-Pods, etc. must be off and out of sight during class.


  1. Take responsibility for your learning. We cover a lot of material each class and move onto new topics quickly, so you should seek extra help right away if you feel you are having difficulty with a concept. If you are absent, you should contact me or a classmate to get assignments that you missed. 


  1. Regular attendance is expected and important to your success, and school policies for attendance will be enforced. We do a lot of work in each class meeting, and catching up is difficult once you fall behind. If you are absent on a review day for a quiz or test, you will still take the quiz or test as scheduled.  Missed tests and quizzes must be made up promptly (typically within 3 school days of your return).  Also, you should let me know ahead of time if you will be missing class due to a field trip, assembly, college visit, etc.


  1. Be organized and prepared for each class. You will be receiving packets, taking regular notes, and completing lots of assignments in this class, and you need to stay organized. The following materials are required for this class:
  • Three ring binder (for math only) or a notebook and folder
  • A TI-83/84 Graphing Calculator
  • Your computer

You should come prepared with the above materials each day.  It is especially important to bring a graphing calculator each day, as I do not have any extra graphing calculators in the classroom.  

  1. Grades are based on a category total point system. Each graded assignment has a different point value attached to it, and the different categories are weighted as outlined below.
  • Homework/Classwork Assignments, “AP Homes”, and Delta Math (10%) – Homework will be given and collected regularly. Classwork assignments may be collected periodically for a grade. You will have an “AP Home” to completed and turned in each cycle (either on paper or in AP Classroom).
  • Test (90%) – Quizzes and tests are given each unit. The dates of major quizzes and tests will be announced with a minimum of two weeks notice.

Assessments are considered cumulative.  In order to appropriately prepare you for the AP exam, every quiz and test will tie in old information. 

Late assignments (homework, AP Homes) are only accepted for half credit the next class meeting.  After that point, the assignment will receive a grade of zero. 


  1. Thoroughly completing the daily homework and other assignments is essential to your success in the class. Homework will be assigned each class, and you are expected to attempt every problem. Your work on each assignment should be neat and complete.  You will not receive full credit if you skip questions and/or do not show appropriate work on assignments.    
  2. Please be sure that all assignments you submit reflect your own understanding of the material. While working with classmates on assignments is encouraged and helpful, you should independently write up your own solutions to each assignment. Each time you submit an assignment or take a quiz/test in this class, you are really taking two assessments.  The first has to do with mathematics, and the second has to do with your character and integrity.   If you can only pass one of these assessments, make it the second one. 


  1. Extra help is available on Tuesday and Thursday after school (or by appointment on other days of the week) and during A blocks. I strongly encourage you to take advantage of extra help opportunities if you are having difficulty with the material. In the event of a meeting, I will let you know ahead of time that I will not be available after school or during A block.  The math is also an amazing resource with many teachers that can help you throughout the day.


  1. Finally, an important note: AP Calculus AB is a very demanding and rigorous college-level course. You must have a willingness to be challenged and be prepared to work hard. I expect you to take this class very seriously both in class and at home. Please make sure you are devoting enough time outside of class to ensure that you are mastering content.


I am excited to be working with you this year, and am looking forward to sharing an enjoyable and productive year with you. 

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