Course Syllabus

Welcome to Geometry ACP!

Informational video for parents who could not attend Back to School Night

Course Expectations

Grading Policy

Extra help:  

Extra help:  Come to Ms. Burby's office hours, visit the math lab, and/or request a peer tutor.


Geometry ACP Standards

Geometry ACP topics include:

  • Basics of Geometry (points, lines and planes; segments (midpoints and distance calculations); Angles & Pairs of angles.
  • Reasoning & Proof
  • Parallel & Perpendicular Lines
  • Congruent Triangles
  • Relationships within triangles (perpendicular & angle bisectors); Midsegment Theorem; Inequalities in One Triangle.
  • Quadrilaterals & Other Polygons
  • Similarity
  • Right Triangles (Pythagorean Theorem; Special Right Triangles)
  • Circles (Finding Arc Measures; Inscribed Angles and Polygons)