Course Syllabus

“Health Issues” Course Syllabus



All 10th grade students take this course as part of the 4-semester Fitness and Health Graduation requirement. The purpose of this course is to provide students with current information in order for them to make informed, factual, healthy choices about risky behaviors and to lay the groundwork for them to be prepared to lead a healthy lifestyle while at Wellesley High School and beyond.  

The sexuality education portion of the curriculum is an abstinence-based program.




I.  Introduction of course ~ objectives and expectations*


II.  Growth and Development ~ brief review of puberty; Introduction of male and female reproductive anatomy and biology

III.  Sexuality ~ The Sexuality Unit includes providing working definitions of pertinent language including biological sex, gender identity & expression, and sexual orientation. 

IV.  Protection Methods ~ pregnancy prevention via abstinence and birth control options; STI prevention and treatment 

V.  Substance Use and Abuse Education ~ with an emphasis on alcohol, marijuana and the latest on marijuana laws, nicotine, vaping and other recreational drugs.  We partner with the Wellesley Youth Commission and the Wellesley Police Department in the delivery of this Unit of instruction. 

VI.  Relationships ~ Identifying Healthy versus Unhealthy relationships; power and control in a relationship; discussing teen dating violence and domestic violence/abuse; what does it mean to consent and the laws governing consent.

VII.  Internet Safety ~ Online presence; electronic footprint; pornography and pornography protections. 

VIII.  Mental Health Awareness ~ Identifying and defining mental health issues and conditions; providing treatment options; depression awareness screening, and suicide awareness education: “S.O.S” program (“Signs of Suicide”)

IX.  SBIRT screening ~ this is the state-mandated screening program we do with the sophomore students.  It stands for: “Screening for Brief Intervention and Referral for Treatment”. This is an optional screening for students and their families. 


*Embedded in all Units of Instruction is the through-line of decision-making. Decision-Making around risky behaviors, peer pressure, personal pressures and family and societal pressures and expectations. 


  • Teacher Lecture
  • Individual and Group Work/Participation
  • Class Discussions and Conversations
  • Guest Presentations and Visits
  • Student Projects and Presentations

Course Summary:

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