Course Syllabus

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Course Overview:

Digital Art and Design 1 is a class where students will learn how to use Adobe Photoshop to create, designs, photo collages, illustrations and animated Gif’s. Students will also be learning how to use the Canon Digital SLR Camera, Epson Scanners, and how to print and mount their artwork. Many techniques will be taught throughout the semester and students will learn how to manipulate their images in a variety of different ways. They will study color theory and design composition, in order to create the best possible digital images. This is a class where you will be expected to think and work independently on your projects. There will be class critiques where students will learn to look carefully at their own work (in progress and completed) and the work of others developing the language to articulate what they see.

Evaluation ~ Grading Requirements:

Students will be assessed on how their work shows a good understanding of Adobe Photoshop. Final assessment will also include students' willingness to experiment and challenge themselves, and make contributions to class discussions. EFFORT counts for a lot in all of my classes. If you make the effort in class every day, you will do well in this class!

Student grades will be based on the following requirements:

1.) Handing in project assignments on time, fulfilling class project criteria etc.

2.) Quality of craftsmanship of digital images, organization, originality and creativity.

3.) Improvement throughout the term.

5.) Participation during class discussions and critiques.

6.) Coming to class on time.

7.) Going the extra mile - working during REMOTE DAYS outside of class in order to achieve high quality work.

Students final exam will be in the form of an online portfolio of all completed projects. At the end of the semester you will save your completed projects as JPEG’s, organize and upload them to the Adobe web site to create a professional looking online portfolio. Your completed portfolio link will be emailed to me and will be presented to our class on our final experience day.


Full attendance and punctuality is mandatory. If absent for any reason you must let me know the reason why you were absent at our next class. If your absence is listed as excused, you are responsible for any assignments given during your absence. Please contact me for details about assignment objectives and expectations.

Work Organization and Lab Fee:

Please keep your work organized on your laptop, or your assigned computer. Finished projects will be turned in on the Art Server for grading, and printing.

This year is different due to some left over money from Covid-19, the lab fee is FREE this year!


Course Summary:

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