Course Syllabus

Music Theory and Aural Skills


OBJECTIVES:  In this course, the student will:


  1. Develop and articulate thoughts and ideas on the topic of Music Theory.


  1. Learn elements of music theory and aural skills.


  1. Develop skills in reading and writing music, using correct notation, symbols, and vocabulary.


  1. Compose/arrange music using a variety of tonalities and meters.


  1. Engage in aural skill activities that strengthen the “seeing ear” and the “hearing eye.”


  1. Study the periods of music history/music appreciation including major composers and compositions.


  1. Improve skill in listening to music as an art form and develop appreciation of music for its aesthetic value through critical analysis and comprehension.




  1. 1  inch three ring binder.


  1. Pencils, Pencils, and more Pencils!


  1. Straight edge to be used in writing notation. An architectural triangle is suggested.




  1. Metronome for aural skill activities. One that produces pitch also is ideal.


  1. Staff Paper


  1. Finale Printmusic!* Please note that this is not required!




50%     Class Participation-  Determined through punctuality, attentiveness, effort, and preparation.


30%     Written Assignments- Complete all class assignments and homework!  Late work will not be accepted unless excused by the instructor.


10%     Quarterly Notebook Grade- Determined by organization and completeness!


10%     Quizzes and Tests-  All tests and quizzes will be weighted equally!

Course Summary:

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