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Self Care for Students

This  class will empower you through deep stretching and yoga postures combining several different yoga styles (hatha, restorative, nidra) while developing mindful awareness practices (mindful walking, body scan, breath awareness).  Students will participate in journaling using poetry, song lyrics and blogs to discuss topical issues such as perfectionism, exclusion, happiness, anxiety, body image and confidence builders. Students will learn how to deflect stress and ease into a positive path of happiness. Students will cultivate a practice to increase their happiness, confidence and resiliency. 

Class 1: Check In, course overview, 3 breaths

Class Class 2: How do I spend my time?, intention setting, Healthy Mind Platter, 3 breaths

Class  Class 3: Yoga

 Class 4: Intention setting; core SEL competencies, guided breath awareness w/ music Intention, mindfulness and the brain, breathing 1 minute

             Class 5: Yoga

              Class 6: Intention, walk with partner, 4 R’s, breathing 1 minute

              Class 7: Intention, body scan, rainbow walk

              Class 8: Social Dancing I; breath awareness

               Class 9: Mindful standing, mindful walking (once slow, once with inner “faster” circle),                                         Progressive Muscle Relaxation

               Class 10: Social Dancing II; breath awareness

               Class 11: Mindful walking extensions II and III, Mindfulness of objects, sounds, etc…

               Class 12: Experiencing gratitude (group activity, script, letter writing). Write a letter to                                         someone showing gratitude (specific, deserved, personal)

               Class 13: Yoga

               Class 14: Mindful Walk, Exploring Emotions, Playtime

               Class 15: Caring practice (script), Connecting Time (sit back to back then face to face and discuss a person/place/event that makes you happy), Progressive Muscle Relaxation (10 mn.):Body Scan Meditation (Links to an external site.)Body Scan Meditation,

              Class 16: Yoga Nidra

              Class 17: Mindful eating, Discuss final projects

              Class 18: Mindful listening, partner activity

              Class 19: MAP, Being Present, journaling

              Class 20: Share your Passions; Introduce PBL, The Ripple Effect

             Class 21-25 Time to work on final project

             Class 26 -29 Discussions and Share out of The Ripple Effect

              Class 30: Wheel of Awareness Activity

              Class 31: MAP; Joy

              Class 32-34: Final Wrap-up/ Feedback/


Standard 1. The physically literate individual
demonstrates competency in a variety of
motor skills and movement patterns.

Standard 2. The physically literate individual
applies knowledge of concepts, principles,
strategies and tactics related to movement
and performance.

Standard 3. The physically literate individual
demonstrates the knowledge and skills to
achieve and maintain a health-enhancing
level of physical activity and fitness.

Standard 4. The physically literate individual
exhibits responsible personal and social
behavior that respects self and others.

Standard 5. The physically literate individual
recognizes the value of physical activity for
health, enjoyment, challenge, self-expression
and/or social interaction.

Assessments:  Formative & Summative, PBL, journaling, class discussion and group work. 


     ***Breathing 3 breaths

  1. Breathing 1 minute

  2. Breathing 3 minutes

  3. Breathing iTunes 7 minute female w/ music

  4. Body scan iTunes

  5. Breathing iTunes 7 minute male w/o music

  6. Breathing iTunes 14 minutes male w/o music

  7. Progressive muscle relaxation iTunes 12 minutes

  8. Mindful walking

  9. Mindful eating

  10. Loving kindness

  11. Gratitude