Course Syllabus


Algebra 2 ACP


Mrs. Ghelli



Welcome to Algebra 2 ACP

Algebra 2 is a course dedicated to the study of functions. It is an essential course to your success in future math classes.

1. TOPICS: We are going to cover a range of topics including: linear functions, systems of equations, absolute value functions, quadratic functions, polynomial functions, exponent rules, right triangle trigonometry, exponential functions and logarithmic functions.

2. CANVAS: We are going to be using Canvas to structure our course. I will be posting our calendar, list of assignments, etc. This is where you will go to find anything that you need for our course.

3. DELTA MATH: We will be using Delta Math for homework assignments. Homework is going to be assigned each night but will not be checked for a grade. Instead, there will be homework quizzes given throughout a unit. These will go into the classwork category of your grade. Delta Math is an online learning tool that will give you instant feedback on the learning goals. It explains how to complete problems and help you if you make an error. This online platform is going to be great to help you determine if you are mastering the standards.

4. MATERIALS: It is important you have either a binder OR a notebook and a folder. You will be receiving practice packets and taking notes and it is important that you are able to organize these items. You must also have a scientific calculator that you bring to class every day. You must have this by October 1, 2021. If you are unable to get one, please come see.

5. BEHAVIOR: Appropriate and respectful behavior is expected at all times. I hope that we can work together to create a learning environment that is fun and productive. Your phones must be out of sight and on silent during class.

6. GRADING: Outlined below is our grading system for this year.



This category will include but is not limited to: graded warmups, groups quizzes and other classwork activities.



The number of tests given will depend on the length of the unit. You will receive an outline of each unit including when you will be assessed. Our goal is to do at least three tests per term.



You will have a cumulative assessment at the end of every term. This will cover all of the material that was taught in the term.


Cumulative v. Test Average

Whichever of these two grades are higher will be counted twice in this category.



I am so excited to be working with all of you this year!

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