Course Syllabus



The Gateways philosophy begins by recognizing that WHS students already possess many skill strengths that our staff can build upon to achieve students’ goals. By partnering with the students they quickly learn how important their voice is regarding the goal setting process. To achieve the goals, Gateways staff provide the students with the skill building training needed to independently manage complex school-related matters.

Students can remain connected to Gateways their entire high school career or for shorter durations. The majority of Gateways students attend the program one daily academic block, five out of seven school days. Our program also affords the flexibility to add or reduce time. By January of senior year we expect our soon-to-be graduates to have earned our trust so that they can utilize the Gateways program on an “as needed”, basis determined by them.

The Gateways staff employs great care when constructing students’ schedules. We take into consideration their current school production, mental health status, and past academic performance. By attending carefully to our students’ current status we avoid overextending their resources, a problem that has led to frequent school-related challenges in the past. Furthermore, the personalized schedule enables the Gateways staff to find the class section that will best contribute to advancing a student’s academic and social skill. Students do earn academic credit toward graduation by attending the Gateways program.