Course Syllabus

Mr. Emmett



Red block – 2022-23


Introduction & Course Expectations


The Finance course is an honors level covers a wide range of topics from personal finance to investments and business.  The underlying objective to the course is for students to acquire a working knowledge of how financial issues will affect themselves and society as a whole.  It is also an interactive course, so participation and group work will be a major part of our work.  The course will start by learning about different types of investments and then engaging in a stock market competition.  The remainder of the first semester will focus on personal finance.  The second semester will have a primary focus on business finance.  We will also be covering current issues so students are encouraged to follow the financial news.   


Office hours:

My prep blocks are Orange & Blue blocks.  Unfortunately, room 137 is used during Orange block so my whereabouts will typically be somewhere on the first floor.  Furthermore I typically arrive early and am available after school.  I consider it my priority to help you so feel free to come by or reach out anytime.





Grades for each term will be on a variety of assessments that will include quizzes, homework, participation, course notebook/portfolio and projects such as reports and presentations.


Class participation:

High-quality participation includes attending class, being prepared, working hard, participating and advancing class discussions, taking notes, creating a productive environment in group work, and respecting your peers.


Due dates:

All materials are due at the beginning of class.  If you are absent, you are required to check the website for assignments you have misses and all work is due upon your return.  If you have extenuating circumstances, contact me immediately.  The more proactive you are, the more forgiving I may be!





Course Materials:

The textbook will be the Glencoe Business and Personal Finance, 2016 edition.  There will also be hand-outs, Power Points, and other assorted materials.  These materials will be assessable on the class website on Canvas and students are required to maintain notebooks of their work.




  1. What are your career goals?
    1. Course introduction
    2. Career goals
  2. Choosing to save
    1. Saving
    2. Compounding
  3. Savings goals
    1. SMART goals
    2. College & retirement
  4. Investing your savings
    1. Ethics
    2. Investing
      • Bonds
      • Stocks
      • Mutual Funds
      • Other Investments
      • Market Watch Investment Portfolio
    3. Business Structures & Finances
      • Business Structures
      • Business Plans
      • Financing & Accounting
    4. Marketwatch
      1. Class investing game
    5. Purchasing big ticket items
      1. Automobiles
      2. Housing
    6. Risk management
      1. Insurance and risk.
      2. Home, Property & Vehicle insurance.
      3. Health Insurance.
    7. Consumer credit
      1. Financial Institutions
      2. Consumer Credit.
    8. Taxes
      1. Income Taxes
      2. Payroll Taxes
    9. Personal Budgets
      1. Personal Financial Planning & Budgets
    10. Estate Planning & Retirement
      1. Retirement Planning.
      2. Wills, Trusts & Estates.
      3. Estate & Gift Taxes