Course Syllabus

Robotics requires Introduction to Engineering as a prerequisite.  Robotics is a semester elective, but you can take Robotics as many times as you like.

In this class, you will work independently on projects starting at a basic level and moving to more complex ones. We will start together with some basic lessons and skills needed for Robotics projects including flow-charting, programming, wiring and more.

Next you will work  on projects of your choice.  After taking one semester, you will be expected to progress on to more and more complex projects possibly including making your own sensors and building your own parts via 3D printing.

Many students also work on robots for the Botball competition in the spring.


Here is a video for Parents for Back-to-School class

WHS Robotics (Links to an external site.) WHS Robotics



For this course, you will need an Engineering Notebook.  While we will discuss a "proper" notebook that engineers use when working, your notebook needs to follow only a few main criteria:
   *It should be a notebook solely used for this - there should be no notes or homework from other classes.
   *It should be used every time we work on a project and include plans for working that class, things that
       you actually did in the class, data and observations you made, and a plan for the next steps for your project.
   *It should be neat and legible and should include neat drawings of your plans.


Grading is partly based on participation, but you will also be graded on how well you succeed.  You will also be graded on your Engineering Notebook and on homework completion.  After projects, you will be expected to report out on it.  This will include a brief report and/or a presentation of your project.

You can always bring your grade up by improving on your prior work. 


If you want extra help, use should contact me to set up a time to meet.  My schedule is posted near the door to rooms 156 and 158.  If you cannot meet during one of my "free" blocks, I am usually here after school, but definitely see me before coming to guarantee I am there.  You can also email questions to me and I will try to respond as soon as I am able.



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