Course Syllabus


Ms. Hodges

Academic Strategies 2022-2023

What is the learning center?

  • On your transcript, LC is called Academic Strategies.  You do not receive a letter grade for this class, but you do receive credit on a pass/fail basis.


  • The core purpose of this class is to help you explore and evaluate your individual learning needs while receiving support in targeted areas (or what is on your IEP).  Individual goals and objectives are central to this process.


  • LC is also designed to help you develop and expand your reading, writing, self-advocacy, and organizing and planning skills.

What are the policies and expectations?

  • Be. Here. Now - Focus on the present moment and concentrate on giving your best effort on all classwork. If something is becoming a distraction (e.g. cell phone, music, fidgets, etc.) I will encourage you to eliminate a distraction. 
  • Adhere to the WPS Core Values (posted in the classroom and on WPS website):

 Academic Excellence - Cooperative and Caring Relationships - Respect for Human Differences - Community Commitment

  • Be on time for class - it’s both respectful and a super important life skill that is developed by establishing good habits.
  • Bring a growth mindset and strong work ethic to class - this is how you get better at something, anything. 

What is self-reflection and why is it a part of the Learning Center?


  • You will spend time in LC evaluating and reflecting on your performance, goals, and plans.  This will include your use of learning strategies, study techniques, and work habits.


  • The process of self-reflection is designed in part to help you think more deeply about yourself and to really look at how you study, organize, and perform.  Writing about your reflections helps you to become more aware of your behaviors and outcomes.  


  • Self-reflection helps you to better identify your strengths and weaknesses – allowing you to better target strategies that are useful to you.


  • Building executive functioning skills - we will start each LC by identifying priorities and estimating the time required to complete each task. 


  • You will complete a reflection/metacognition sheet once per cycle, plus other related activities on a regular basis.

Course Summary:

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