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welcome classroom

Bienvenue en Français 3!🌼

I am very pleased to have you in French 3 this year, and looking forward to having a great year.

Teacher Information:

Aurelie Nkam             Contact:     room 239

🍄 Extra help Days and Times: Day 2 (red block),  Day 4 (blue block), Day 5 (purple block) in room 239.

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Class description:

French 3 is a very challenging year. We will spend the year learning more complex communicative skills and grammar structures. We will a wide variety of topics such as Beauty and Aesthetics, Outdoors fun, Chores, Tourism, Health using different types of material such as our Newspaper articles, infographics, short readings and movies. We will also incorporate couple of projects as we go.

Class objectives:

  • To strengthen and expand vocabulary and grammar concepts from previous French courses.
  • To build vocabulary and increase literacy, writing, and listening skills in French.
  • To improve your oral communication skills trough meaningful contexts.
  • To expose students to the French history and culture.

Material required for class:


A two ring binder and 2 dividers: Please section your binder as follows:

·       1st divider for handouts

·       2nd divider for quizzes and tests

A 3 subjects notebook or lined papers (for reading summaries, compositions and notes)

A course packet will be provided to you by the teacher. Please make sure to have them on you all the time.


Teacher’s expectations:

a) During Remote Learning:

Screen Shot 2020-09-14 at 10.07.58 PM.png

b) During In-Person Class Time

1.     RESPECT your teacher, your peers and yourself!

2.     RAISE YOUR HAND for permission to speak, and speak only if you have been granted permission to do so.

3.     BE IN YOUR ASSIGNED SEAT AND READY when the bell rings and remain seated during class unless you have permission to get up. Student who are frequently not in their seats and ready to begin will loose their participation credit.

4.     FOOD AND DRINK (except bottled water) are not allowed in class. This includes gums and candies.

5.     CLASS MATERIAL: If you take a white board, a book, or any other class material, please make sure to put it back neatly where you found it.



SEATING: To ensure our success, everyone will be assigned a specific seat. Note that those seats will   rotate at the teacher’s discretion.

PARTICIPATION: you are expected to:

  • Raise your hand.
  • Be an active observer/participant in all activities
  • Be on task all the time.
  • Use only French during class once the bell rings or starts.

HOMEWORK: must be completed and handed in on time.  Late homework assignment will not be accepted for credit since it helps the teacher determine if you master the concepts taught in class or not.

TESTING: In general, a “graded activity” will be scheduled once a week. Quizzes dates will be announced at least 2 days in advance and test date will be announced five days in advance. You will also write a composition at the end of each Unit. All quizzes and test dates will be posted on the white board behind my desk and on my website.

MAKE-UP POLICY: The make-up work is always the student's responsibility; if you have been absent you have 2 days upon your return to make-up your class work, quizzes, tests, compositions and other assignments. To find out what you missed while you were absent, please refer to my Google website. If you are going to be absent, email me your project by the day it is due.

If you arrange an appointment to make up a quiz, a test or a composition outside of class time, do not miss that appointment time or you will receive a grade of zero for that assignment.



92% - Communication (Performance Assessments and 8% Achievement (Grammar and vocabulary).

Performance Assessments are tasks where you actually use the language.) such as:

  • Interpretive Reading/Listening (reading an article/watching a video and answering questions)
  • Interpersonal Speaking (a conversation in pairs or with a small group of four)
  • Presentational Writing/Speaking (writing a composition or making a short oral presentation)

On the performance and Achievement assessments students will earn one of the grades below:

Screen Shot 2021-09-01 at 3.01.25 PM.png


Every Task is weighted as follows:

Achievement: 8%

Interpersonal Speaking: 33%

Interpretive Reading and Listening: 23%

Presentational Writing and Speaking: 36% 


Note: Grades at the Classical and Modern Languages department are weighted differently each term. The percentages are as follows:

Term 1

Term 2

Term 3

 Term 4

Final Exam







EXTRA HELP:  Please stay in touch. Do not hesitate to come and see me as soon as you are uncertain about something. If I know where there are problems, I can address them and put them in perspective in order to help you reach your full potential.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Where do I find the Quizzes Tests and Dates?-Click on the "Important dates" button on the homepage to get the information you need.
  • How to I prepare for a test/Where do I find what to study for a test?

-Go over the Can-Do-Statements for that lesson or unit that you can also find listed out right below the test and quizzes dates. 

  • How will my Performance grade be determined? 
    • You grade will be determine by what you score on each category of the rubric for that assessment.
  • Do I get credit for completing homework?

-No,  because  it only helps the teacher determine if you master the concepts that were taught in class or not.

  • Can I have extra credit or complete some extra work to boost up my grade?

- Sorry, but no extra credit is offered in this class. However, I strongly encourage anyone who struggles to reach out for extra help before any test.

Course Summary:

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