Course Syllabus

Global Marketing

Welcome to the World of International Business

Jane Lord

Course Description:

Before any business can benefit from the global economy, there needs to be an understanding of factors influencing international business. This course is a comprehensive study of important issues confronting businesses and individuals in a global context. Topics such as the following will be covered: basic marketing concepts, micro and macro economics, domestic and global marketplace characteristics and culture, selling of goods and services domestically and abroad, the role and usefulness of market research, and how the 4 P’s of marketing (Product, Price, Place, Promotion) are utilized to increase the likelihood of success for businesses doing business domestically and abroad.


All rules and attendance guidelines found in the WHS student handbook are applicable to this course.

Course Materials:
- Text: Dlabay & Scott, International Business. 4thEdition. Mason. OH: Thomson South-Western

- Handouts, research materials, and other resources (e.g culture grams, guest speakers, the internet, etc.)

Grades for each term will be based upon multiple types of assessments and class participation.
Tests/Assessment There will be a test/ assessment at the end of each chapter.
Student-run corporation participation
Group assignments
Project work

Class participation: High-quality class participation includes being prepared, attending class, participating meaningfully and constructively in class discussions and taking notes. Additionally, students need to work productively when using computers in the classroom.

Due Dates and Make-up Work:

When absent, be sure to check Canvas for all class assignments.

When students have excused absences, the student should plan on completing assignments when they are feeling well and have returned to school.


A notebook or section in a 3-ring binder must be kept for class notes and handouts.
To be prepared for class, students must bring their text, notebook, homework, and a pen or pencil.

Additional Suggestions:
The integrated content requires students to keep up with the class. Reviewing past materials is recommended.


Keep past homework, test, quizzes, tests, and projects in case questions regarding your grading and/or performance arise..


Take notes during class. Tests and quizzes are created from all course content including class discussions and presentations that may not be covered in the textbook.

* Extra help is always available. Please see Mrs. Lord to schedule a convenient time!

Course Summary:

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