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  • Last PowerSchool Update: 6/6

BANNER reads WHS "World Hiestory" 2022-23

  • SCHEDULE UPDATE: Our final day with new content was Class 111 (5/25 & 5/26). We wrapped up Module 10 with a project during the week of 6/5. The last three hour-long class meetings will be for reading and instruction in preparation for a final exam essay during the exam block.
    • Yellow Essay Exam Block: Friday 6/9 11:25-1:30
    • Green Essay Exam Block: Monday 6/12 8:30-10:35
  • GRADING UPDATES: Grades posted in PowerSchool include (most recent updates) : 
    • EXPLAIN: *90 Cycle Quiz 4.1, *92e, *96 Cycle Quiz 4.2, *97, *101 Cycle Quiz 4.3, *105e, *106 Cycle Quiz 4.4, *107e. *112 Cycle Quiz 4.5 (One Cycle Quiz Grade is dropped. If your scores vary, it is the lowest one.) 
    • REFLECT: *90r , *97r, 103r, 105r
    • SYNTHESIZE: *99-100c, s and p (Imperial Collisions Essay)

This page updated 6/8

Image Credit: The compass rose above is from a map displayed in our classroom. Information about it is available here

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