Course Syllabus

Welcome to Pre Calculus ACP

The major topics covered in this course are: 

  •  Rational Functions 
    • Expressions, Equations, and Graphs 
  • Exponential and Logarithmic Functions
    • Expressions, Equations, and Graphs 
  • Trigonometric Functions
    • Right Triangle Trigonometry 
    • Arc Length and Sector Area 
    • Trigonometric expressions and equations
    • Graphs of sine, cosine, and tangent functions, 
    • Trigonometric identities 
    • Analytical trigonometry 

A more detailed list of the course topics can be found on the Precalculus 23-24 Standards document. 

Term Grades 

  • Assessment (3 per term) – 15 % each – total 45% 
  • Term Cumulative Assessment – 30%
  • Swing Grade 25% 
    • The swing grade will be the higher of either: the average of the 3 assessments OR the term cumulative assessment 

Year Grades 

  • Each Term Grade will be 22% of the year grade and the Final Exam will be 12% of the year grade. 

Course Summary:

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