Course Syllabus

My name is Mr. Fisher and I’ll be your instructor for this class. I look forward to getting to know you and helping you learn more about the fascinating language of mathematics. Language? Doesn’t that just refer to subjects like English, Spanish, and French? Usually it does, but mathematics has a lot of things in common with linguistic languages. For example, mathematics has its own vocabulary and its own “grammatical” rules about how to communicate to others in writing and speech. Mathematics is not only the language of science, it is the language of patterns, logic, and abstract thought that provides a great deal of insight into the world around us. While you may think of mathematics as just memorizing a bunch of formulas, there is a lot of room for creativity in mathematics. There is often more than one way to arrive at the correct solution, and I encourage you to use both sides of your brain in this course. Think of today as the beginning of a journey. I’ll be your guide.

Course Description: This course is an introductory course in calculus that is designed to prepare you to take the Calculus AB Advanced Placement examination. The course will incorporate many aspects of algebra, geometry, and trigonometry and introduce the concepts of limits, differentiating, integrating, and many applications.

Everything we do in class will be posted on my canvas site and all slides and home work (with answers) will be provided.


Course Outline

Chapter 1: Limits 

Chapter 2: Differentiation 

Chapter 3: Applications of the Derivative 

Chapter 4: Antiderivatives and Integration 

Chapter 5: Exponential, Logarithmic, Inverse Functions; 

Chapter 6: Area, Volume, and Applications of Integration and Differentiation Using the Graphing Calculator Grading guidelines 


Your grade will consist of the following components:

90% Exams and Quizzes:  You will always know when these are long before they happen.

There will be an exam at the end of each chapter. Exams will NOT be graded on a curve.

 10% Delta Math: You will have Delta Math assignments that will align with the topics we are studying.  These will be very helpful in being successful in my class. They have due dates (usually before tests), but you can earn reduced credit. These assignments all together will be worth 10% of your grade. I do occasionally check homework and give little check in quizzes. 


Academic Integrity:

Please read the Student Handbook regarding the School’s policy on academic integrity.

Any incident of cheating will result in a grade of zero and a phone call home.  Cheating includes, but is not limited to, copying assignments, lending assignments to be copied by others, programming graphing calculators with information you are supposed to know without assistance, use of “cheat sheets” during assessments, etc.  Repeated incidents of cheating could result in a zero for the course.  Don’t jeopardize your integrity.  Cheating, in any form, is NEVER worth it.

Course Summary:

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