Course Syllabus


Hi everybody! I'm looking forward to meeting you and getting going on World History. Here is a welcome video for students and parents that may help you all get a better sense of me and the class. Please also see the links about the class below for more information. 

Here is the Course Expectations sheet. We'll go over it together in a couple days, but I do want to highlight that you'll need a notebook with lined paper and a three-ring binder for our course. Here also is the link to the schedule for our first unit: Continental Comparisons between Africa and the Americas. 

Need extra help? Let's set up a meeting. I have office hours from 2:35 to 3:05 every Wednesday after school. I can also meet plenty of other times. Just ask me in person or send me an email. Here is a link to my schedule so you can see when I'm free. 

Finally, let me explain how grading will work this year. Each quarter grade is made up of a combination of Major (tests, projects, essays) and Minor (quizzes, mapping short writing assignments, etc.) assignments. Major and Minor assignments are each worth 50% of your total quarter grade. Each quarter grade is worth 22% of the total course grade; the remaining 12% will be assessed on the final exam in June. 

Students will have the opportunity to raise one Major grade below a B- per quarter. To do so, they most meet with their teacher and resubmit the assignment with revisions and corrections. The maximum score they can receive on the fresh submission is an 80.